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Education - Cornell - PhD in Statistics Yale - M.S. in Economics and Economics UCLA - BS in Economics ...Call or Text ... ... 6..4 6...5..4.3…0 8 3 2.. Rate starts at $60/hr.


Certifications - Tests Taken - Perfect GRE Quantitative, Perfect GMAT Quantitative, CFP, Actuary SOA, CFA, FRM, etc. Software Skills - Software help - SPSS, Stata, Eviews,  Gretl, Excel, Minitab, R, etc. Teaching and Tutoring Experience - Statistics and Biostatistics Descriptive Statistics - IQR Boxplot Outliers   Skewness nominal Histogram ratio Sample mean variance Expected value interval ordinal Variance Data analysis Kurtosis range categorical variables Random Variables - Discrete and  Continuous random variables normal distribution  random variables  covariance binomial poisson cumulative distribution function variance geometric correlation exponential expected value gamma distribution probability density function Probability - false negative probability Bayes Rule prevalence permutation ROC curves sensitivity specificity incidence PV- multiplication rule false positive probability PV+ combination addition law Conditional probability Area under normal curve Estimators - consistency moment generating function Unbiasedness estimators method of moments cramer rao  bound unbiasedness maximum likelihood Consistency central limit theorem Inferential Statistics - test on equality of means One Sample T test confidence interval power of test two sample t-test F test sample size from power test on equality of variance  one way anova central limit theorem hypothesis testing sample size given margin of error  test on equality of proportions chi square test factorial anova Non parametric tests - Test Kruskal WallisSigned Rank Rank Sum Sign Linear Regression Techniques - Chunk Test Quantile regression Regression Discontinuity Design R-squared Partial  F test Linear Probability models Difference in Difference Least  squares estimation Random Effects Fixed effects Epidemiology - factorial anova survival analysis Mantel Haenszel Test specificity Fisher's test logit incidence rate relative risk censoring McNemar's Test Odds ratio risk difference Cumulative incidence sensitivity Incidence Risk Ratio ANOVA Logistic Regression Person time  contigency table Kaplan Meier estimator chi-square test probit Software help - SPSS, Stata, Eviews,  Gretl, Excel, Minitab, R, etc. Studies - hepatic disease sports medicine environmental health microbiology endocrinology Occupational Health pediatrics diabetes hypertension Infectious disease cardiovascular disease dentistry genetics health services administration nutrition obstetrics renal disease ophthalmology cancer Economics and Econometrics  Microeconomics   - Budget Sets Cost function Profit Maximization Monopolistic  Competition Cost   minimization Inverse demand function Supply   Function Utility maximization Lagrange methods indirect utility function Demand Function envelope theorem Producer Surplus Risk Aversion Roy's identity Elasticity Monopoly Expenditure minimization Edgeworth Box Perfect Competition Oligopoly Macroeconomics  - Philips curve Growth Accounting Infinite Period Model Trade Labor Economics Fertility and Human Capital Business Cycles GDP deflator First Welfare Theorem production possibility frontier Crusoe’s Production Possibilities Growth Theory Barro Ricardo Equivalence CPI inflation   Two Period Model Ramsey Optimal Tax Economic Growth International Economics Tax Incidence Dynamic Programming Cash in Advance Economy Solow Model Game Theory   - Dynamic Games of Incomplete Information Signaling Games Subgame perfect equilibrium Static Games of Incomplete Information Dynamic Games Bayesian Nash Equilibrium Normal form Dynamic Games of Complete Information Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium Cournot Competition Complete and Incomplete information Static Games of Complete Information Nash   Equilibrium Repeated Games      Econometrics - Random Effects Least  squares estimation Consistency Unbiasedness Partial  F test central limit theorem Fixed effects method of moments R-squared consistency maximum likelihood Chunk Test Quantile regression estimators unbiasedness Regression Discontinuity Design moment generating function cramer rao  bound Linear Probability models Difference in Difference Software help - SPSS, Stata, Eviews,  Gretl, Excel, Minitab, R, etc. Finance Financial Math - Time Value of Money Stock Valuation Dividend discount model Macaulay duration bond duration   Bond valuation  bond convexity CAPM Portfolio - forwards The greeks futures Markowitz treasuries index SML currency swap Option Pricing Risk Efficient Frontier interest rate swap expected return Black Scholes  Binomial Tree   Call and Put Options Derivatives Project Evaluation / Capital Budgeting  - WACC IRR Discounted Payback Spreadsheet calculations Profitability Index MIRR Straight line Depreciation NPV MACRS Payback Period Company Valuation - ROE decomposition Miller Modigliano Theorem Financial ratios Liability leverage Optimal capital structure Income statement Asset Balance sheet Weighted average cost of capital equity     profitability ROE SWOT Dupont Identity solvency Liquidity Other Subjects Engineering and Operations management - quality control dynamics Excel Solver Operations Research little's law engineering economy p chart moving average Monte Carlo Simulation exponential smoothing decision tree pert cpm inventory management eoq x - r chart thermodynamics statics forecasting Linear Programming seasonality Math and Calculus - Differentiation GMAT Quantitative differential equations SAT Quantitative Calculus 1, 2, and 3 simplex method Trigonometry linear algebra integration Algebra GRE Quantitative matrix algebra newton raphson geometry Trigonometry differential equation complex analysis matrix algebra ...Call or Text ... ... 6..4 6...5..4.3…0 8 3 2..


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Hobbies - My interests are lawn tennis, cycling, investing, hunting, scuba diving, reading, sky diving, mountain climbing, fishing, pickleball, ping pong, boating, problem solving, golf, shopping, basketball, etc.

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